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Ceiling Lamp MODEL 04-SL-8505-500 (LED 58W) Gold

SKU : 04-SL-8505-500
Material : Steel/Glass | Dimension : Ø50xH13 cm | Light bulbs : LED 58W 3 Color | Control system : Remote control

Product description

STARLIGHT Ceiling Lamp


  1. Used to decorate for beauty.
  2. Use it to let in light.
  3. Made from good quality steel and glass, durable, not easily broken.
  4. There is a lamp, uses a 58W LED bulb, can adjust the light to 3 lights.
  5. Use a remote control system.

Warnings and Precautions

  1. You should read the warnings. and study how to use it before use
  2. Assembling, installing or fixing Always cut off the power first for safety.
  3. Should be installed out of the reach of children. and areas with high heat
  4. Do not modify. or used in conjunction with non-standard equipment
  5. Do not change light bulbs or equipment while the switch is on. or wet
  6. Failure to follow the product manual may cause danger to life or property.

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