What causes the ceiling fan to fluctuate and vibrate? How to fix it?

Last updated: 12 Mar 2024
What causes the ceiling fan to fluctuate and vibrate? How to fix it?

Many people are starting to pay more attention to ceiling fans. Because in addition to providing coolness You can also decorate your home to make it look more beautiful. Before buying a ceiling fan, things to consider aside from the variety of uses or the new, modern distinctiveness of the ceiling fan. But what you need to consider before buying a ceiling fan, Starlight hasThe answer is given

How to adjust the vibration
1. Use the ceiling fan blade counterweight set in the ceiling fan box. Let's adjust the ceiling fan counterweight
2. Turn on the fan at the fastest level. Then notice the symptoms of more or less vibration
3. Turn off the fan and use the included vibrating clip. Plug in the propeller (with a lot of vibration, plug in the tip of the propeller Moderate vibration, plug in the middle of the blade. Less vibration, plug in at the base of the leaf) and open at the fastest level. Then check the symptoms again. If it's still shaking, plug it into the next one. Do this until you find the most stable leaf and useThe vibrating

And this is the reason. and the solutions that we have collected for you But if anyone is interested in ceiling fans or is looking for a real fan expert. Be assured of quality and service. Happy to give advice. There is an installation-repair service for only the #Starlight brand by a team of expert technicians. Contact at Line: @starlightfan or call : 02-946-5971-4

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